Filipino dating sites and scams

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The majority of Filipino women and western men turn to date websites to meet their perfect match. It is possible to find real love online, and it has worked for so many, what could go wrong?

Signs a filipina likes you

In half the cases, everyone finds what they need. But what about the other half? They get scammed. Scammers are aware of the high demand of Filipinas on Filipino dating sites. There are plentiful young Filipinas that are genuine, modest, and overall good people. And then there are the bad girls, the scammers. How to protect yourself from falling for a scammer, especially on online dating sites?

Photo quality

Every day, Filipinas won’t go the distance of getting a professional photoshoot for a dating site profile. Their photo would be candid and natural. Scammers would use pictures of models, actors, or other beautiful Filipinas.

The love struck

So you met online and have been chatting with your Filipina for a couple of days. Filipinas are conservative so that she could act quite reserved. A scammer would express their “feelings” right away like a story of how they fell for you in two days chatting and want to build their life with you. We are not saying you are not that attractive, but in most cases, it’s a scam.

Urgent money request

Families in the Philipines help each other financially. It’s not uncommon for a distant relative to request money for his needs. They are in crisis-mode half the time. Once you get serious with a Filipina, you are part of the big family, and you will help other members when needed. But getting an urgent money request from a Filipina you just met online is a huge red flag!

Sharing how her grandmother is sick and making you feel guilty if you don’t send her the requested amount. Block that user and move to another one.

Travel excuses

After online chatting, for a while, you want to meet your Filipina.

Travel is expensive, and the Philipines are quite far. You might be stuck to your job, so she offers to come. Of course, she asks you to send her money for the plane tickets, layover hotels, taxi fares, visa, and passport.

All of a sudden, she has an excuse so strong that it stops her from visiting you this time. Never send money; if your Filipina is not a scammer, she will have no problem with you buying and sending the ticket. Or take a week’s vacation to the Philipines! If she is genuine, she would be glad you are willing to travel to see her.

Internet and web camera

After she chats for a couple of days with you and gains some of your trust, a scammer will try and ask for money. Either to pay her internet bill so she won’t get cut off and no longer able to chat with you, or to buy a web camera so she can video chat with you!

After the money gets wired, she’s gone!

Mixed up stories

A simple question “-how was your day ?” can tell you so much. A scammer tells different stories about themselves to different people. It’s easy to mix them up. The easy way to uncover a scammer is by asking questions. Ask about everything and anything. They can’t remember all their lies.

Lurking you to other sites

You are communicating fine on one website, and all of a sudden, she asks you to join another site. She tells you her subscription is running out, and the other website is a better one. This scammer is not your dream Filipina; it’s a recruiter for a new dating site!

No one can take your trust and money from you if you don’t give it to them voluntarily. Do your research, hold up the feelings, and double-check before trusting a person you met online.

No matter how sad her story is, remember you are on a dating site to find a date, not to give money to strangers.

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