Top 10 reasons why you need to be dating Filipino women

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What makes Filipinas so unique? Filipinas are often described as the Asian Latinas. They keep the Asian characteristics of being petite and soft-spoken. But they also have irresistible Latina curves, sun-kissed tan, and luscious dark hair.

If you need some more reasons on why you need to date a Filipina, here are a few;

1.Polite and respectful

modern filipino dating culture

Filipinos rank as the fifth happiest people in the world!

Filipino women smile all the time. You will never hear a Filipina shout, or act up, they are soft-spoken, with good manners.

They grow up with the tradition of respecting their elders, but also needing and wanting a man. They appreciate and respect their men and make sure that they feel it.

They are respectful of other cultures and habits.


Even though Tagalog is their official language, Filipinas speak and write good English, which helps them with their main industry, tourism.

It’s an excellent way for them to meet and communicate with foreigners. They can settle anywhere in the world!

3.Honest and caring

Communication is vital in every human relationship.

You might get shocked by the Filipina’s level of honesty. They have a hard time keeping things to themselves. They care about how you feel, and they want complete honesty.

Filipinas will often give you praise that you are enough. They seldom criticize you in order not to make you feel bad.

Filipinos, in general, are friendly and wouldn’t offend you even by accident.

4. Hard to get

Filipinas never approach men. That is the man’s job. And do not forget Filipinas are conservative, so you will need quite more effort to seduce her!

You might need to work more to gain her trust and love, but when you get it, you know it’s only yours.

She won’t look elsewhere as long as you take care of her.


Filipinos are unique in being the only Christian nation in Asia. They are, for the most part, catholic. The church plays a significant role in shaping the Filipinos way of thinking. Religion is the main reason for their conservative outlook on social issues, such as divorces.

Filipinas in their upbringing attend weekly service, and they are God-fearing.


what to expect when marrying a filipina- good cuisine

Family comes first above all in Filipina’s life. They keep their families close no matter what. And family values are non-negotiable.

A big part of the things done in the Philippines is for the families.

Filipinas grow up in prominent families and learn at a young age to take care of their siblings. They are doing home duties, cooking, cleaning, and do bookkeeping. They are selfless, want to do a thing for the family, and make the house a home.

7.Strong and hardworking

The Philippines fight the battle with poverty for a long time. That is why many Filipinas work hard to survive in a bad economy.

They work hard at their workplace, their homes, and for their partners. Often they will work long hours and take on extra jobs to provide for themselves. They are submissive but strong at the same time.

Filipina knows how to budget and live a low cost.

8.Age gap

The first thing you might notice among couples in the Philipines is the age gap. Filipinas are open-minded about dating older men.

From as little as six years to whooping 40 years age gap, for most Filipinas age is just a number.

9.Simple and old fashioned

Filipinas are submissive and expect the man to determine everything. From where you eat to where you live. They let the man be the head of the family.

For the Filipinas, the man is the provider, and the woman is the housewife.

Their idea for a relationship is the 1950’s type.

10.Vibrant, irresistible and young at heart

The Philippines holds some flat-out beautiful girls. They are outright stunning without makeup or fancy outfits. They have almond-shaped eyes and silky dark hair.

They are spontaneous, vibrant, always in a good mood, fond of dancing and singing.

Most of all, they are not obsessed with plastic surgery, and bleaching makes up like most Asian girls. Be warned, dating a Filipina can spoil you for life. Your expectations of beauty, kindness, and warmth spike up for good

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